Sunday, July 28, 2002
For those craving some info about what Coraline is doing on the various bestseller lists, you'll find lots of them here.Locus Online: Bestsellers on General Lists

A few people wrote to tell me that (for example) "Humanoid Publishing is releasing a graphic album called Coraline written by Denis-Pierre Filippi and artist Terry Dodson illustrating it that will be released sometime in 2003. Doesn't your publisher own the copyright to the title Coraline? What are your thoughts on this? I read about this at Comicon's Newsarama website."

i don't know anything about it. It seems an odd sort of name to pick for something, given the rather enormous possibility for confusion. You can't copyright titles, though.

Hi, I've been reading your online journal since its inception and I noticed that you rarely mention anything about your comic book related achievement. I only recall one occasion in your online journal when you mentioned your work "1602". Can you share any details on this project? Also, why don't you ever mention the deal you made with Marvel Comics that some of the proceed from the sale will go toward your lawsuit against Todd McFarlane over Miracleman/Marvelman in your journal? Or any recent developement regard the Miracleman/Marvelman lawsuit? It just seems that these are the sort of things I read about in other comic book news website like Newsarama but your own.


Well, 1602 is being kept quiet because that's the way Marvel wants it. Mostly because we don't want people bored by it before it comes out. When we're ready to talk about it, we will. I've written the first chapter, and Andy Kubert has almost finished drawing it. I've seen about half of it, which is far and away the best stuff of his I've seen. I'm madly trying to get the notes for chapter two turned into script for him on Tuesday.

Actually all of the proceeds from the 1602 deal went straight into the lawsuit; justice is very expensive in the US. The trial starts at the end of September. I don't talk about the legal case because I'm perfectly to content to have it tried in court. And, I suppose, because it's the least pleasant side of being a writer -- you may have to sue publishers who don't pay you royalties, renege on agreements and so on.

I've certainly mentioned Endless Nights here, which is the new Sandman/Endless book I'm doing for DC. It'll be released in February, kicking off Vertigo's 10th anniversary celebrations.

The only other comic I'll be doing right now is a story for art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly's wonderful Little Lit series, to be illustrated by Gahan Wilson.

Aaaaugh!! Must you taunt your Mac using fans with the tease of a Coraline Bookwrap when it's not available for us? Cruel, cruel Neil. Is there a chance this can be posted somewhere for the rest of us?

My son recently converted from PCs to become an OS X Mac person and is evangelising busily from his Bay Area hide-out. (I shrugged and bought another Dell Latitude Notebook to be my day-to-day computer.) My assistant Lorraine is also a Mac person and my daughter maddy would be exclusively a Mac person if it weren't for her Scooby Doo game, which only runs on a PC. I only tell you this to assure you that many Mac people are near and dear to me and I would never do anything intentially to taunt, tease or torment any of you.

I'd suggest e-mailing the bookwrap people and telling them that mac people have rights and are real human beings who deserve to see me trying to remember how to talk in the morning.

I have to ask: which character is based on you in Diana Wynne Jones' "Deep Secret?" Thanks, Sabrina

Well, apart from me myself (I think I'm on a panel aren't I?) I'd suggest that you look for the character who has difficulty remembering how to talk in the morning. (The breakfast really happened, although it was at a Milford SF conference rather than at an SF con.)

I haven't seen a lot of information about this elsewhere, but I was wondering - I know that Sandman attracts a large female audience, but has there been much written about this? At least in terms of the audience's size.

Better way of putting it - did anyone ever figure out the male:female ratio?

Thanks a bunch - especially for bringing me into this crazy world of comics. I might not have found it without you.

I don't know if anyone's ever 'figured it out' but from the point of view of the person doing the signings, it's normally about 50/50.