Monday, July 22, 2002
By the way, Robert Wiersema's interview in the Toronto Globe and Mail ran on the same pages (as a double-page spread) as the Bram Eisenthal review of Coraline, but for some reason isn't online. It talks about a lot of things (he even mentions this blogger) and even has a great big photo of me against a wall. Actually it's a great big photo of a wall, with a me in it. (I look about as tired in the photo as I felt the day after the New York signing...)

Trying to restore a bunch of stuff from a CD backup to my notebook computer. The gods heard my announcement this morning that I'd finally have a working notebook computer today and have not yet stopped laughing....

The official press release about the Coraline movie should be going out in the next day or so, telling the world that Henry "Nightmare Before Christmas" Selick will be directing it (and wrote the script), for Bill Mechanic's Pandemonium films, to be distributed by Disney, and starring [a well-known and highly thought-of actress] as the mother and the other mother, and that it will start shooting in early 2003 for a late 2003 release. Consider this a sneak wossname. Preview.

(Unless it isn't and doesn't, this being Hollywood we're talking about of course.)