Tuesday, June 25, 2002
Lots of questions from people who want to know about the two upcoming events...

So: The California Event on July 2nd is a reading, of the whole of Coraline, from start to finish. It will be kind of like the one on the CD, except that I will be singing the rat song instead of Stephin Merritt. I may do a Q &A at the beginning or the end, if it's appropriate, or I may not. Haven't decided yet.

You will need a ticket to get in. While they're going fast, the venue IS an 800 seater, so showing up on the 2nd without a pre-booked ticket will probably be okay, but if you're in any way concerned then just go to Cody's and order tickets. (The ticket is also worth $3 against the cost of a Coraline, or if you have a Coraline, then, er, we'll think of something.)

There will be lots of signed stuff for sale. (I'll spend most of Tuesday afternoon signing books. And drawing little rats in them. And, I expect, if you pre-order them from Cody's, writing your name in them.)

The New York event on July 11th will be a signing. It'll begin with a short reading and a Q&A, then I'll just sit there signing things until we're done. You don't need a ticket for it, but I'd get there at least an hour early if you want to be sure of being able to get in close enough for the reading bit.

If you haven't read it.... (quickly googles " "mad fan with the gun" then realises that's the list of helpful hints for stores holding signings, and just clicks around in the archives for a bit)... and look down until you get to Wednesday, April 11, 2001.


People want to know what I think about Stan Lee's take on Sandman. So far all the Stan Lee DC titles I've seen have taken the name of the character and precious little else -- that's the idea, after all. I'm flattered Stan would think of the Sandman as being an important DC character he'd want to do on his trip through the names of DC characters. I've not seen the comic.