Wednesday, June 19, 2002
Lots and lots and lots and lots of disappointed and grumbly messages from people who went out to buy CORALINE on CD today and were told that their local Borders or B&N didn't have it. Ditto smaller local book and record stores. Also sad e-mails from people who tried to buy it from which has, rather irritatingly, simply decided it's out of print or something and won't let you put the Coraline CD in your basket. [Now fixed.]

Speaking as the author and reader, I'm sorry. There's not a lot I can do from this end other than suggest you tell whatever store you like to order some copies. Not sure how to get Amazon to fix their page, but I'll let HarperCollins know there's a problem. I do know a lot of the people who preordered copies have got theirs...

Which reminds me. Cody's in Berkeley are reporting horrifyingly brisk ticket sales on the live Coraline reading I'm doing in the Bay area on July 2nd. (According to this evening's e-mail: "150 tickets gone in first eight hours. .... I'd think we'll sell out by middle of next week, give or take.")

So it looks like my theory that an 800 seater would do us fine with plenty of room for people who showed up on the day might have been a little over-optimistic. Which means that if you've been hesitating, you may want to head over to Cody's website at and get a ticket. And if there's anywhere that you can reach people you know who might like to come, send them, or post, the link ASAP.

Tomorrow is the first birthday of this website, and for technical reasons things might go a little spoggly at times. Or they might not. Happy Birthday to us for tomorrow anyway. I hope you can get a Coraline CD if you want one.