Thursday, June 13, 2002
Let's see...

Now in Atlanta for A.L.A. It all starts tomorrow, and I should go to bed when I've written this.

Finished reading Edward Eager's Half Magic to Maddy last night. It's a better book than I remember, as I said, and better constructed and written than its sequels, although they are more likeable, being fluffier and having magical things that talk in.

When I get back it will be a toss-up whether I start reading herArcher's Goon or The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death.

Andy Kubert just e-mailed me another six pages from the first chapter of 1602. They reminded me why I love writing comics -- it's the joy of imagining something and then seeing it come back made real, interpreted, made flesh and frozen into panels. And I love the feedback process of comics: seeing them, I realised that I needed to change the point of view from which I'll tell a scene in chapter two. it was something I'd probably have figured out while writing, but it crystallised early.

Read an interview with the late R. A. Lafferty the other day, where he talked about the genesis of his story "Continued on Next Rock..." and the idea that began the story, which he then didn't use, and offered, in the interview, to anyone who wanted it. And I thought, nobody's ever taken him up on it, so I shall try and put it into the Destruction story, for Liberatore, in Endless Nights. It might amuse him, wherever he is.

Just finishing an introduction to Bob Silverberg's Man in the Maze, which I have to rein in and chop, as it's turned into an essay about the trojan war, the history of SF, the history of Silverberg, storytelling, the role of women in SF, and a whole lot more.