Friday, June 28, 2002
Hi there! On your advice, I called Cody's Books to pre-order a copy of Coraline and request that it be set aside with my name tagged to it so that you could sign it. No one there had heard that you were doing this, but i badgered management into setting up a list of names for personalized Coralines to give you. Please let your other readers know that someone has done the footwork on that, and they can now call in to pre-order without confusion.

Cody's said however, that i would have to pick the book up at the store and i was wondering if you could use your nifty guest of honor powers to get them to distribute the copies at the reading. It is hugely inconvenient for me to pick the copy up from the store since i am leaving directly from work to drive 2 hours to the reading... which will likely end after Cody's closes and i will then have to have the book shipped.

um, pretty pretty please?

thanks! o'dette

Query relayed to Cody's -- and the reply was a very straightforward: 90% of the advance orders are mail-outs. As of today, there isn't all that much to take to the church for pickup -- but of course we do take the "hold for pick up on site" copies to the venue. No need for concern. So it sounds like whoever you spoke to wasn't totally clued in.

Just had Wendy at Hair Police give me the kind of haircut that doesn't look like you had a haircut, which she thought was a major improvement over my normal tendency to turn up looking like I have a mop on my head and ask her to make it so I can see through it.