Thursday, June 13, 2002
Hi Neil
I have been doing some searching for the elusive Victoria Walker lately, and during my researches, I was struck by a troubling thought.
What if Ms. Walker doesn't want to be found or rediscovered?
I'm not sure why she wouldn't, but there are precedents.
Where do you, as a person with a very devoted fanbase, draw the line between appreciation and intrusion? And when does a person stop being a public figure and go back to being a private individual?
Perhaps you could give some guidelines as to how someone who managed to track down the elusive Ms. Walker could explain their interest in her without scaring her or making her feel hunted.

Well, the last thing I want is someone turning up at her door, and if someone sent me her name and address, I'd not be putting it up on here (or doing anything else with it). Everyone is entitled to privacy.

I'd be perfectly happy with learning that she "wrote these two books and then went off and got married and just never found time to write again". In fact, I'd be happy just getting the books back into print without ever learning anything about the author...

Off to ALA today...