Tuesday, June 11, 2002
Bob Garcia, publisher of A Walking Tour of the Shambles just sent me this link to a review of it. And, from the greenman review site, this one. Bob also let me know he will be going back to press, and is doing new covers -- gone will be the green and blue covers of the first printing. The second printing covers will be scarlet and maroon.

Obviously I'm quite a fan if I read the entire FAQ in search of this question. But it's late and I might have missed it. If so, my apoligies.
In the intro to Smoke and Mirrors you mention writing a screen adaption for Beowolf. Is this the post-apocalyptic one with Chris Lambert in it? If so, have you seen it, and what did you honestly think?
Thank you, Tricia

Never saw it, and no, that wasn't ours. is a recent interview in which lots of things are talked about, and Beowulf is one of them. (looking over the first page, I think Flobonic should be slavonic.)