Thursday, May 23, 2002
This one made me smile. I think it was mention of the bibles and the tarot decks that did it....

Congrats on reaching #2 on the Barnes and Noble bestsellers. We booksellers are humbly doing our best to suggest the novel onto people who seem odd enough to appreciate it. Here's to knocking Clancy out of #1.

As far as I can tell, you're at the top of another list at B+Ns in my area, albeit an unofficial one: your books are the most consistently shoplifted from the store--even more so than Bibles or tarot decks. No matter how I try (multiple security tags, periodic employee checks, icy glares at customers), I can't keep Sandman volumes on the shelf. Last week I finally caved in and made a tasteful little display behind the registers. I hope they're at least getting read.

Not much other point to this, but thanks for writing what you want, and not caving to the immediate sequel syndrome.


Thanks, Drew. It's good to see things from a booksellers' eye view.

Now, coming in on the FAQ line there are lots and lots and lots of variants on "When are you signing in Canada/Florida/California/Scotland?", as if I secretly know all the signing details but am keeping them a secret to prolong the suspense. I don't, and I'm not, honest. As soon as I have dates and information I'll post it here on the journal.

The new incarnation of will have an upcoming appearances page that we can keep current and accurate. The new, pretty, much more legible version of the site should be up very soon.

In addition, over at, there will be an appearances list as well.