Tuesday, May 07, 2002
A quick question about your ebooks: How come you (not you personlally, your site) only have those two formats available? My main ebook reader is my pda. Neither Adobe nor MS makes their ebook reader for the Palm OS. This just stinks. Any possibility of adding a Palm OS friendly version to the list? -Aaron

Good question, and one to which I had no answer. Turned over immediately to the wonderful Julia Bannon from Harper Collins, who emailed straight back to say: We just recently got all of our
e-books converted to Palm format. So this is yet another
one of the things I was kind of waiting on adding to the site with the site
revamp. However, as I'm going to be putting the TWO PLAYS content up on
your site shortly, I can put this info up on the site then as well.

She went on to suggest that if you type Gaiman in under author at
you can find all the books in all the formats.

Meanwhile... (and because I'm feeling helpful):

Here's the palmpilot of Stardust

and here's the palmpilot format of American Gods

Not sure why they don't have the "Neil Gaiman Reader" sampler in palmpilot format yet, let alone Neverwhere or Smoke & Mirrors, but I'm sure that they'll be out soon.