Thursday, May 09, 2002
A nervous "please do not post this but..." FAQ message in from one of the "Ears With Feet" asking me to tell her whether any of the track listings and album descriptions of the forthcoming-in-September Tori Amos album that have been posted over at @forums - Main Tori Forum were true. So I went and looked.

No, they are all from people who seem to be having too much fun pulling your legs. (Enough so that, given all the work that had obviously gone into them, I was hesitant to post this and spoil the fun. But the EWF lady seemed quite upset...)

I've not heard the album yet, but I've had bits of it sung down the phone to me, and had lots of it described to me. I know what it's called, and what it's about, and yes, I know a lot of the song titles (although the final song selection and running order hasn't yet been made). None of the things posted even came close.

But they were very creative.

American Gods debuted at #45 in USA Today's bestseller list today (which is more impressive when you remember that it's a grab-bag listing of everything, hardback and paperback, fiction and non-fiction).

And I'm really grateful for all the messages coming in from people who've read the advanced reading copies of Coraline and wanted to say how much they liked it. I've suggested to Harpers that we might even put up a page for them. (Failing that, I'll just collect together a big journal entry of reactions to Coraline.)