Monday, May 27, 2002
Neil- I know you have probably gotten hundreds of these, and I am sorry, but I am really wondering about all of the new Tori Amos album rumours. For example, one source on claims she has been recording in Ireland on an album called "You Are In"; that is TOTALLY not Tori sounding. Please squelch these horrid rumours
Love, Adeline

What, again? Didn't I do this last week? Okay. She certainly didn't record it in Ireland (I suspect that one could have been disproved with a couple of minutes browsing the Dent news site) and it's not called "You Are In". Someone who doesn't know anything is pulling your leg.

Neil, You recently mentioned a book called 'My Friend Mr Leakey' that you were reading to Maddy. Does this book contain a Dragon named Pompey? If so I have been searching for it for years unable to remember the title.

That's the one.

Dear Mr. Gaiman, My friends and I were wondering if we could keep a likeness of you, or you yourself, on a pedestal sort of thing, kind of like an altar? ...your book, American Gods, scared us quite a bit and it's been a while since someone has done that and we enjoyed immensely, so we were just wondering if that would be okay? Yours Tessa

Not really, for it would be much too silly, but thank you for thinking of me. Would you like me to check around in the community of authors to see if there's anyone who'd like to be kept on a pedestal?

And slightly late...

Today (May 25) is Carry Your Towel Day. This is, of course, in memory of the late Douglas Adams. Please remember to carry your towels.

He didn't say you should carry it. He said you should know where it is. I'd be all in favour of Know Where Your Towel Is Day. Of course, you wouldn't get as many people coming up and asking you why you are carrying a towel, or just looking at you funny.