Friday, May 24, 2002
Kelly Link arrived last night at around 11.00pm, on her way from a reading at the Ruminator. She did her laundry, then got back in the van and drove to Madison around 1.00am, leaving nothing behind except Shelley Jackson asleep in the basement library.

I answered some FAQs, which you may want to go and check out, including a particularly incoherent answer to a question about writing which contains a small chunk of an imaginary phrase book for tourists.

One thing the arrival of American Gods on the mass-market bestseller lists has shown me is how many newspapers no longer list mass-market paperback bestsellers, listing only the larger-sized, more expensive trade paperbacks. I like trade paperbacks, and I love hardbacks (only because I'm old enough that too many of my paperbacks cannot be read without the pages falling apart; hardbacks last longer), but I'm starting to feel nostalgic for mass-market paperbacks -- it seems like we're entering a world in the US where there's less and less intelligent stuff to read in mass-market form, and that has to be a bad thing. Good books should be cheap and accessible.

I fixed the archives so that May is now in there.