Friday, April 05, 2002
A small favour to ask... if any of you were reading the comics press back in 1992/1993, have hung onto your magazines, and still have any interviews with Todd MacFarlane in, particularly where he talks about how he plans to treat the 'guest writers' on Spawn, or his commitment to creator rights, can you e-mail The same goes with transcriptions of any panels Todd was on back then where he talked about that kind of stuff. (Seeing that there's a sort of a gulf between what he's saying now and what he was saying then.) Needless to say we will be absurdly grateful. (And yes, we have the big Comics Journal interview.)


Writing like a mad thing. Wishing that time were more, well, rubbery.

Recently I've had to turn down invitations to Brazil, to Holland, and (and this one hurt) Melbourne (it conflicted with the Edinburgh literary festival, which I'd already agreed to do) and the Frankfurt Bookfair, because the dates were already taken and filled. With luck I can visit all those places in 2004, but still...

Everything would be okay if we just had rubberier time. If you could lean against a week so it would have ten or fifteen or thirty days in it. That's all we need.