Friday, April 12, 2002
Removed the link to the Babycakes URL for now -- we seem to have slashdotted a little Finnish server. I'll put it back up when they mirror it to somewhere that can cope with people clicking on it.

(You know, I know what I meant, and you probably know what I meant, but that sentence would have been incomprehensible a decade ago....)

Also stuck up a very long answer to a question about DreamHaven Books and copies of Angels and Visitations trading hands for a thousand dollars a copy over in FAQs.

And I was perturbed to hear that there is one American city that will be spending $273,000 this year to combat Goth culture -- defined in this article from a paper in Hannibal MO. ("Our motto: We're tired of the fava bean and chianti jokes") as "kids who wear black and think dark thoughts".

Maybe they'll spend the money on an ad campaign ("Cheer up!" "Wear bright colours!" "Remember, it's not as bad as all that!" "Smile -- and get a haircut!"). Maybe it'll be one of those Hill Street Blues things ("Remember, there are people thinking dark thoughts out there!"). Or they will just spend $273,000 on buying little happy colourful things which they will present to anyone they see wearing black and/or looking gloomy.

But somehow I don't think so.