Sunday, March 10, 2002
Two questions:
Are you and Gene Wolfe signing copies of A Walking Tour of the Shambles at the World Horror Convention? and - As you recommended - I asked my comic dealer to order The October Man. (Hooray for Mr. Zulli! and your initial neglect of it ;) Of course, it was not on DC's list (I believe he said) through March. Should I expect it to be on a subsequent catalogue, or is the poster distributed through special order?
Thank you for your paitence

I'm sure that Gene will be doing a signing at World Horror. I'm sure that I will be as well. The odds are good that we'll also sign extra copies of Shambles while we're there for publisher Bob Garcia, and if I know Greg Ketter at DreamHaven, he'll also get us to sign some copies for his mail order customers. I can't guarantee that if you're at World Horror you'll get your copy signed -- depends how many people are in the signing lines, how much time is available to sign in, whether they limit numbers (as they wound up having to do at Boskone) and so on. But you probably will.

On your second question, if your retailer doesn't know anything about the Michael Zulli poster, you could always mail-order it from DreamHaven or from one of the online retailers. The poster is being printed to initial orders, so when they come out they're pretty much already sold and after that you have to pay too much for them on E-Bay. (It's not how I'd do business, but then, nobody asks me.)

You could show your retailer the following web page: It's about 1/3 of the way down the page.

Hi Neil! I was wondering what the best place to get sushi in New York City was, in your opinion. I'm going there soon and I want to chow down on some good cuisine! Thanks!Don Well, for the best in the poshest sense, it's either Nobu or Nobu Next Door. I thought the food was better at Nobu Next Door (and was not impressed by the way that Nobu gave Miso with clams in it to a diner at our table who had explained, when the waiter had asked if anyone had any allergies, that if she tasted shellfish she would stop breathing. She went off in a taxi to the emergency room, and, while they didn't charge us for the food she'd eaten before being taken away, I felt that, all things considered, they fell somewhat short of perfect service). (This was a meal for the people who won an E-Bay auction and paid several thousand dollars to the CBLDF for dinner with me, on the Last Angel Tour.)

Beyond that, all New Yorkers have their favourite places, and they take me to them when I'm in New York, and I almost always find myself agreeing that that really was lovely. I did a google search which turned up When I'm in midtown I tend to go to Kurumazushi on 56th between 5th and 6th for lunch. Not posh at all, but nice food.