Thursday, March 14, 2002
So things look a lot better in this journal than they did yesterday. We're in the middle of an upgrade to Blogger Pro. We're also heading toward a complete site redesign. (If you have any brilliant ideas for things we need on the website for the next (at a guess) year, now is the time to suggest it on the FAQ line. Or e-mail Julia Bannon.)

One that I want, for example, is some kind of sort or search facility for the FAQs so you can find out at a glance if the BBC version of Neverwhere is legally available on VHS or DVD in the US, or whatever, without having to hunt through 10,000 words of bits.

There will be lots of stuff on Coraline soon, by the way.

Am reading DOGSBODY by Diana Wynne Jones to Maddy, and was thrilled to hear that Harper are going to bringing all of Diana's backlist back into print, including Archer's Goon, a book which is on my shortlist for one of the best books in the world, because my own old copies are much read and treasured, and are barely in physical shape to survive a long read to an interested seven year old.

According to the mysteries of Blogger Pro I should be able to attach a picture to this post. I'm going to stick in the tentative cover to A WALKING TOUR OF THE SHAMBLES for several reasons, not wholly unrelated to it being a very small file and it being cheap advertising. Wish me luck...

Hmph. Nothing doing. Just internal server errors. Oh well.

In a pitiful attempt to recover from the picture-posting fiasco I shall share some interesting information with you. (Well, it's interesting to me, anyway.) This just in from Adam Stemple, who is producing the new series of Audio CDs I'm doing through DreamHaven:

Here is the tracklist and some of the info for the cover:

1. A Writer's Prayer
2. Harlequin Valentine
3. Boys & Girls
4. The Wedding Present
5. The End

Produced by Adam Stemple
Music by Robin "Adnan" Anders
Mixed by Leo Whitebird at P.O.D. Studios, Minneapolis, MN

So now we know. (I recorded enough for 3 CDs last year, so Adam's decided what's going where.) Cover and design for the first CD will be by Rick Berry. The artist and musicians will change from CD to CD, but it'll just be me doing the readings either way, so anyone hoping for the cultured tones of anyone else in the whole world will be sadly out of luck.