Sunday, March 10, 2002
Okay. Duncan is Tori�s personal chef. This is the drink he makes for her, and is posted with his permission. He says to make sure it�s not too hot when you drink it, and he adds that an ice-pack on the throat for about 20 minutes after coming off stage can reduce inflammation of the vocal chords.

Half a teaspoon of slippery elm
One dessertspoon of honey
two teaspoons of lemon juice
Add just a drop of water
and cream this to a paste.
Then add
6 thin slices of root ginger (or more, to taste)
3-4 thin slices of lemon cut into halves or quarters
Add boiling water, stir, let it sit, and let it cool a bit before drinking.

Just wrote a couple of paragraphs on R.A. Lafferty for the Washington Post. Now typing up the Delirium story for Bill Sienkiewicz for Endless Nights. (I finished it a few weeks ago, and have just been struggling to find the time to type it. Sigh.)

You may have answered this question already, but I just pre-ordered Coraline, both in book and audio from from, and the entry says that both are abridged. Why abridged? Will there be an unabridged edition later, or is this simply another amazon.commian error? It's just them being odd. The audio isn't abridged. The book isn't abridged. They are both completely unabridged. I sent one of those "corrections" things in you can do now -- sometimes they make a difference, sometimes they don't.

(Oddly enough, Barnes and seems to imply that Coraline's been out for so long that the only way to get a copy is second hand.)