Monday, February 25, 2002
This in from Darrell Schweitzer, editor of Weird Tales , author and critic, who I ran into at Boskone and who told me that he is looking for contributors to a book of essays about the work of one N. Gaiman -- I told him that if he sent me an e-mail about what he wanted I'd stick it up here. So if you've already done a kick-ass essay on the male-female dichotomy in Sandman or you want to write about the lack of political awareness in Stardust or just write an interesting bit about something I've written (or if you've got a friend who doesn't read the blogger but who should know about this book), now is your (or your friend's) chance for fame (not much) and fortune (ditto).

Darrell Schweitzer, fantasy author and editor of WEIRD TALES magazine is editing a volume of essays about Neil Gaiman, to be published by Wildside Press. Articles should be of an analytical and critical nature, informative and substantial without being academically stuffy, aimed at the intelligent reader already at least partially familiar with Gaiman's work but who wants to learn more. Good examples of the sort of material desired may be found in some of Schweitzer's other critical symposia, including DISCOVERING H.P. LOVECRAFT, DISCOVERING CLASSIC FANTASY FICTION, etc. (which are in print from Wildside Press)

Payment is 1 cent a word against a 50/50 pro-rata royalty split. Queries should be sent to Darrell Schweitzer at

If you have something you think he might want, or if you want to write something for the book, drop Darrell a line. (And no, I'm not otherwise involved in it, receive no financial wossname from it, do not have to give my blessings to any of the articles or, I expect, probably even read them until the book is published, and may be too embarrassed actually to read the book even then.)


The first casualty of having a region-free DVD player is a seven-year-old daughter addicted to THE BEST OF DAD'S ARMY. She wanders around the house singing, loudly (but in tune)
"Who do you think you are kidding Mister Whitler
If you think we're on the run..."

"Hitler," I tell her. "It's Hitler. He was..."

"The boss of the Nazis who were the bad Germans like in The Sound Of Music. I know. You told me. I think I'll sing Whitler, though. It sounds nicer."

"But it's Hitler."

"Sure, Dad. So who do you think you are kidding, Mr Whitler..."