Monday, February 18, 2002
Forgot to mention on the list of strange things waiting for me when I got back that there was a box of Endless Wall-Hangings -a transparent hangable poster version of the Mike Dringenberg Family Portrait Still Life With Cats. Also a copy of Final Draft 6. And a very small bowler hat, from Betsy Stemple, for my World Fantasy Award (a Gahan Wilson statue of H. P. Lovecraft) to wear. Long long ago she offered to knit me a rasta hat and little dreadlocks for it, and I said I thought a bowler would be better, so she's spent many years looking for one just the right size.

One chapter to go on Witch Week for Maddy. I spent a night, some weeks ago, hunting down a childhood favourite book which shall remain nameless as it also was waiting for me when I got back and I scanned the first chapter and found to my dismay that time had rendered it unreadable. So I shall think of something else.