Thursday, January 03, 2002
Q: If I am on Holiday, why am I writing so hard?

A: Because deadlines don`t go away just because I'm on holiday.

Q: For that matter why am I typing this?

A: Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But in order to type it I have to sit at an unfamiliar keyboard, and every couple of minutes I have to bung a Euro coin into the side of a pac-man like box to keep typing. So I probablz won`t do it much for the rest of the week.

Q: Probablz?

A: I said it was an odd keyboard, didn`t I? The Y and the Z are swapped over. I bet they think that`s funnz. Funny.

Q: Other than that, any news?

A: Well, the blurbs have started coming in on CORALINE. And they are very, very good. Which is nice. And I�m a hair away from finishing Milo Manara`s DESIRE story, from Endless Nights. And I read the Avram Davidson book on the plane and the stories were wonderful, although one of the co-editor�s afterword comments tended to be careful explanations of the story you had just read, in case you missed it. Trouble is, if you don`t know what Davidson's to, explaining the man from Porlock isn't going to make it any more understandable, and if you do it feels a bit like someone, at the end of the joke saying "Now, that joke was funny because when she said "hunting for rabbits again, vicar?" it showed her husband that she had allowed the vicar to use her in order to catch rabbits, which means that, by the logic of the joke..." which is a poor treatment for a joke, and a worse for an Avram Davidson short story.

(please not that between Davidson's an to above the word referring has vanished. And I have one minute 54 secs to post this before the thing closes. Will it work? probablz.