Thursday, December 20, 2001
People who've been reading this gallimaufry for a while may remember the Michael Zulli painting that I discovered in my basement last summer. It was a strange and haunting painting of Morpheus he had painted and sent to me around 1994, which he called The October Man. For reasons that have never been adequately explained, the painting went down to the basement and was used as a stiffener for an envelope filled with photocopies, and was never seen by mortal eyes, until I was rummaging around for a large envelope, and pulled out the backing board from the one I found, and turned it over, and blinked.

I sent it to Karen Berger at DC Comics, saying "Wouldn't this make a wonderful poster?" and she blinked too, and I hear from my mole, Senior Editor Shelly Bond, that it's going to be solicited next month and be available in the Spring as a poster. Which means that for the next few years people will come up to me and look at me sort of funny then say "How could you lose a piece of art like that?" and I shall say "I don't know". But then, if I hadn't lost it, I would have framed it and stuck it up on a wall somewhere, and would never have thought to myself, wouldn't it make a wonderful poster?

So that's nice.

HarperCollins are pleased enough with how American Gods and the other books of mine they've published are doing, that they've made a very impressive offer for another two novels and a short story collection. And that's nice too.