Monday, December 10, 2001
Nice message in from Steve in Vancouver telling me that R.A. Lafferty has a bunch of books in print from Wildside Press "The Reefs of Earth (and 10 other Lafferty novels) is available from Wild Side Press. They were released in 1999 and last I looked, they still had copies. If not, they will often print small runs when demand affords it. " -- and a quick look at Amazon showed that they've got many of them up there (although they list The Reefs of Earth as out of print). It's a book about six goblin/alien kids (seven if you count Bad John) who decide to solve the problem with Earth by killing everyone in it, starting with their parents. Like a strange backwoods cross between the Addams Family and a high Irish saga. It's very funny, but it's a lot more than that. Wildside have Nine Hundred Grandmothers in print though -- it's the best of all the Lafferty short story colllections and should be made compulsory reading.