Saturday, December 01, 2001
A couple of queries from people about the cover of the Harper Collins paperback of Sandman: Book of Dreams, along the lines of "Haven't we seen this somewhere before?" And yes, you have. It's the original cover (1989-1993ish) to Sandman:The Doll's House graphic novel. Then the book was redesigned and it got a new cover. Then the series was reissued as The Sandman Library in a uniform series with numbers on them, and it got yet another new cover. So this is Dave McKean's 1989 Doll's House Cover.

It was chosen because a lot of the people picking up Book of Dreams are going to be doing it without knowing much about Sandman -- and we wanted a more literal cover illustration that would allow them a Morpheus for the mind's eye.

(Sandman: Book of Dreams was a book I edited a while ago, with some astonishingly fine Sandman short stories in it by authors such as John M. Ford, Susanna Clarke, Colin Greenland, Delia Sherman.)