Monday, November 12, 2001
Short book post: I got an advance copy of the trade paperback (not small paperback size) edition of Good Omens, and the cover is wonderful -- really funny and classy and cool. I'd post a link to a picture of the cover here, but I couldn't find one large enough to see anywhere. According to it was written by Terry Pratchett and someone called Neil Gaimna, B& have it by me, and Terry, and the elusive Mr Gaimna, and Amazon doesn't have it listed at all. The official publication date is December the 4th, I think.

And I just heard that Smoke and Mirrors has gone back for its 4th paperback printing, which makes me extremely happy -- in a world in which the received wisdom is that short-story collections by single authors do not sell unless you're Steve King, it's good to know that people are reading your short fiction as well as the longer stuff.