Thursday, November 08, 2001
And a few more infrequently asked questions...

Dear Neil
this will be a strange question. I am taking a class on the tarot and I
am making my own deck using collage(sp?) I found a great picture of
Tori pregnant in vanity faire for my emperess but now I need a great
picture of neil gaiman for my Magician card. I can't find a picture in a
magizine that is big enough and I really don't want to ruin any of my
books soooooo... I was wondering if maybe you could help me out?
P.S. I know your married and all but I just wanted to let you know how
sexy you look in glasses!

Hmmm...well there's a magnificently exhausted and jetlagged photo of me in SFX magazine for a couple of months ago. (Also a really interesting interview I have almost no memory at all of giving, and in which I say a lot of things I don't remember saying about America. Really sensible things too. File under ways Jet Lag can make your life more interesting.)

Hmm. Have you thought of just printing out a good online picture? was one I remembered as being bespectacled, but I checked and it's not -- it's just a crazy hair picture... You could go and find something in one of the galleries...

And one FAQ in just asking me to recommend a book -- any book -- that will tell them things they did not know before.

So I shall recommend the Dictionary of Disgusting Facts by Alan Williams and Maggie Noach. It's been out of print for about fifteen years, and no, you can't borrow my copy. (Oddly enough, it's the only book that people are punctilious about returning to me.)

No, the Libretto isn't fixed yet. Thank you for asking.

Chicago Humanities Festival tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

And in about ten minutes I get to decide whether the beard that just seems to have grown over the last week is doomed, or whether I'll turn up with a beard to the Humanities Festival (it might not be a very humane thing to inflict upon the world).