Tuesday, October 02, 2001
If you click around a bit you should start discovering new content. It's starting to go up -- there are a host of foreign book covers, for example. Currently they're up in the American Gods section, which is not where I expect they'll end up, but they are there indeed. There's a news section with a bunch of reviews and suchlike there too.

Lots more changes and improvements to come (and yes, the misspelling of American on the archive page will soon be fixed) -- I just re-sent the American Gods bibliography I started in June to Harper Collins, and rereading it I realised I needed to finish it. So it'll go up and then when I get a spare second I'll do a bit more of it.

Thanks to all of you who have written in offering to work on/redesign/fix/improve/overhaul the website. Currently, it's a HarperCollins website, and is designed and run for them by AuthorsOnTheWeb, and those are the people who you'd need to talk to to volunteer your services.

American Gods is still selling very strongly in the US and the UK (and is on bestseller lists in New Zealand) and I'm strongly tempted to ask Harper if they can make "what I want for Xmas/Mithras's birthday etc is American Gods" e-cards for the site that those of you who wanted but can't afford the book can send out to your nearest and dearest.

I've done several FAQ answers so far, by the way.

And the next chance I get to write something for the journal, I shall talk about why Thea Gilmore is the best singer/songwriter to come out of the UK in years and why you all ought to buy Rules For Jokers, her new album. Or you could just go and buy it, or click over to and learn all about Thea. Go on. You know you want to.