Tuesday, September 18, 2001


Yup. Something's wrong, and we don't know what it is. Close the window that opens. Do not try to run the exe file.

My immediate paranoid reaction was to assume that it was a gift from the Falwell-influenced "American Gods made the Bad Thing Happen" person or people, but it looks like it's on every Authors On The Web site.

Subject: Important from


Important note: Please do not try to access any Authors On The Web websites
at this time. A file is coming up that is alien to these websites. We have a
technical crew looking into this, but it will take time to ascertain the
problem and get it corrected. To complicate things, our websites are hosted
at Globix, which is south of Canal Street and thus running at less than 100%
operation due to last week's disaster.

As we are not sure what the issue is at this time, it would be best if you
were not accessing these websites until we have a handle on what is going
on. We are going to try to take the server offline.