Wednesday, August 22, 2001


Hullo. Bet you thought I was dead.

Nope. Recovering from an intense bout of food poisoning (during the course of which I got to learn firsthand just how much vomit can come out of an adult male author. Try and guess. Nope, more than that.... nope, much more than that. Honest. It surprised me, too.) Several hundred e-mails behind, not to mention days and days of blogger entries, but starting to catch up again.

So, today I watched my son head off across the country for his first semester at college, both of us suddenly feeling odder and older as we hugged goodbye. (And, as if to balance that, I took a small daughter to school to meet her second grade teacher, only to be taken by surprise when her principal told me how much she liked this website.)

Currently Jennifer Hershey from Harper Collins and I are starting to figure out things to fix or redo with this website. We're writing notes back and forth about the various COMING SOON bits and what we're doing with them. I want the AUDIO section to be the next thing up -- somewhere you can listen to some of George Guidall's wonderful reading of American Gods, and listen to some of my readings on Warning: Contains Language, and where there are links to some of the audio productions.

And I have to write a Coraline page, while I think of it...

If any of you have suggestions for things you'd particularly like to see on the site, or really want to see changed, send then off as an FAQ.


Lucy Anne and Puck are posting lots of (mostly American Gods) interviews and reviews over at the Dreaming website (it's ) and you may want to go and look at them. Lots of fun ones, of which my favourite is - something I barely remember writing as an e-mail from a hotel room when on the road.

(There have been several interviews I've read in the last few weeks, done with me on tour, that I have no memory of saying the stuff I'm quoted as saying at all. I read them and go "well, it certainly sounds like me, and nobody else would have said that, so I suppose I must have done...")

My before-bed reading recently has been Kelly Link's Stranger Things Happen . I'd read many of the stories in earlier incarnations, and read the book as a proof, so now am reading half a short story a night purely as a treat for me. Kelly Link is absolutely brilliant. She writes the kind of short stories that make you want to marry the author. (Oddly enough Gavin Grant must have thought the exact same thing, because he is marrying her in a week or so, and this journal would like to extend all felicities in their general direction.)