Friday, August 17, 2001


Sooner or later I'll figure out who to talk to to get things happening on this website, and we'll get some of the cool weird stuff up that I keep promising, like the bibliography, and all the scans of all the foreign book covers that we did several months ago, and all the places that say "Coming Soon" will actually come soon...

In the meantime, here's something cute, from Bryan Talbot's lovely website:

Which is of significance only insofar as it contains my first published piece of fiction that anyone paid me for. It's a story named Featherquest. A sort of Arabian Knights sort of thing. If memory serves I had to cut about 2000 words from it to get them to fit the space they had. I didn't think it was ever good enough to bother restoring the missing words and putting into a collection. Imagine published my next short story as well, about six months' later -- How to Sell the Ponti Bridge. It had a good bit or two in it, but it, too, is happier uncollected. (There's also a story from Knave from that period, Mss. Found in a Milkbottle, which also remains uncollected. The last time Mike Ashley asked me for a story for his Comic Fantasy books I pulled that last one out, and reread it, and winced a lot and put it away again.)

Everything else has been published, or will be, in the next collection...