Wednesday, August 01, 2001


Spent a small chunk of today working with Shelly Bond on the Sandman Calendar -- we assembled a bunch of useful birthdays for people who seemed somehow, to our fevered minds, Sandman-important, and some Sandman-related dates; and we found some pieces of artwork nicer and more relevant than some of the ones that they had already picked out, and I think overall we made something fun. I found a date for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and established that the date of the composition of Kublai Khan was both unknown and contentious.

I am sending the Mysterious Piece of Artwork to DC, with suggestions that it become a poster or something. And I spoke to Mr Zulli about it. "Oh yes," he said. "I remember it well. I did that in 1994. Sent it to you then, or maybe in 1995."

"But what did you think when I never mentioned it?"

"Oh, I thought you were busy or something. I guess I thought you didn't like it."

If it was me, I suspect I would have been on the phone every day, going "Hey, did you see it yet?"

Yesterday was so hot it was dangerous. Today was wetter than you would believe. I attribute both of these things to the overnight stay here of Ms. Claudia Gonson (and friend); the last time Claudia was here it was Xmas Day, and we had the coldest day on record for several years. Claudia says she's coming back to the minneapolis area for the renaissance festival (see Sandman # 73 for details) in September. I expect to see Shakopee washed away by floods, or carried off to Oz by a cyclone when she turns up there, or possibly witness to the first Minneapolitan volcanic eruption since the Silurian Age...