Friday, July 27, 2001


A down day. Not sure that I could have done anything had I tried, but I didn't try. Just watched the showreel from the first director to want to make American Gods; she might be an interesting choice.

Current plans for the blogger-journal-thing that you are reading... I've a few wrapping up entries to write over the next few days, and then, yes, it will be done. But NESFA Press, who do cool books for Boskones, will be doing it as a book -- expanded in places, probably edited occasionally, and undoubtedly annotated. So it will be available in a solid form that can be used to prop up a wobbly table, early next year.

However, we currently have 445 FAQ messages in the in-box, and as soon as I can get to talk to someone who can actually make things happen at this web site, we'll do some redesigning, and move a few things around, and I'll start something that's half FAQ (or just interesting Q) and half journal. Or at least, that's the plan.

Meanwhile, I can assure the person whose copy of American Gods is missing chapter 9 and 10 that it is indeed defective, and if you take it to your bookstore they will indeed replace it. American Gods is a book that has both chapters 9 and 10 in. Demand the full complement of chapters. Accept no substitutes.

And talking about Boskone reminds me, I really need to make a conventions section of -- this year I'll be going to New Orleans (to see Steve Brust), Madison (to finish a story with Harlan Ellison -- who has his name in big letters on the web site), and to the Chicago Humanities Festival. Next year is Boston, and Chicago (again) for the World Horror Convention (because Gene Wolfe's the other guest of honour, and Gahan Wilson's the toastmaster, and I've known Jo Fletcher for 18 years by gum(. and also Aggiecon in Austin (because they've been sending my assistant mangos for years in a vain attempt to get me down there).

There's also a con and some signings in Italy in September 2001 I think (because my wife loves Italy more than anywhere else in the world).

And unless they're in Australia or Japan or somewhere cool I don't get to go too often, I think that'll be it for cons and appearances and suchlike for quite a while.