Wednesday, July 25, 2001


Ever since the cover for American Gods came out people have been showing me pictures and sending me images, saying "Hey, doesn't this look like the American Gods cover?" and it never does.

But I saw this one in a bookstore the other day... I'd be willing to swear that it's the same image, only with a ghost car instead of a lightning bolt.
posted by Neil Gaiman 5:14 PM

THE ONION has a review of American Gods.

And I am in Victoria, BC, and will soon be doing the very last signing of the tour. Doug, the harper Collins rep started explaining to me that this was rural Canada and that a hundred people showing up at a signing would be a lot. I told him i wouldn't mind if it was only a couple of dozen, and I wouldn't, although I'm not sure I convinced him.

Did several interviews and TV this morning, and finally managed to see Joe Fulgham (who does the Dreaming website, over at having managed to miss meeting him for dinner last night, and miss seeing him for donuts in the green room at the TV station. We ate lunch together for ten minutes and then I ran to get the seaplane to Victoria.