Thursday, July 12, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 123 is a fun review of American Gods....

Today was nice -- small lunchtime signing (50 people or thereabouts altogether) and so was the evening one. In between I grabbed some food and did several interviews, and after the ottakers in walsall signing we made a mad dash to get to Pebble Mill in time for a live interview, not enormously helped by having the only Taxi Driver in the midlands to whom one can say "BBC Pebble Mill, please" and whose reply is "Where's that, mate?" . Lucy Ramsey talked a lot on her mobile, and I sat in the taxi and didn't worry.We were talked in (via Lucy and her mobile) by a security guard at Pebble Mill

I am, on some things, a world class worrier, but when it comes to getting places on time, if I'm actually travelling towards them in a car or a train or a plane, I just shrug and go, I'll get there on time or I won't. Nothing I can do about it either way. And I don't worry.

So I didn't, and we made it by the skin of our teeth, and the interview was fun. And now I'm back in the hotel before midnight, which is more or less a first.

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