Monday, July 02, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 106 is our first review from Canada...

And tonight is my last signing for American Gods, on this tour, on US soil.

So I thought I ought to say thank you. After all, I didn't go out and buy the books. I didn't stump up $26 for a hardcover, or drive hundreds (or in a couple of Texan cases, thousands) of miles to go to a signing. I wan't the one telling my friends and family and just people I met on the bus to go and buy American Gods. I didn't host the signings, or pluck up my courage and order a book for the very first time on the internet, or talk my editor into letting him or her review the book or any of those things. I wasn't the guy in the bookstore handselling American Gods to everyone who came past me. That was you lot did that.

And yes, I worked hard on this book for several years. And I wasn't the only one -- the people at Harper Collins -- the ones you know about because I've mentioned them here, and the ones you don't, because I haven't, like the local reps who are actually out there selling the books in to the bookstores, the marketing staff and so on -- they've worked hard, too.

But without you lot supporting the book it wouldn't have meant anything. We're currently at #5 on the Independents list, and at #8 on the chains list from the NY Times.

So, my thanks.

(No, this isn't goodbye. This blogger has at least another month to live, I'd say. But I wanted to say thanks anyway. I'm tremendously grateful to all of you.)

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