Sunday, July 01, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 104

Someone at one of the stops put a piece of paper down on the desk in front of me. Secret advice for blogger users it said. When I opened it up, it said, write your blogger entry in notepad first. But unless I'm writing from the road, I never do. I just head over to, enter the blogger and start typing.

I just typed an entry, hit ... some key... and everything I'd typed to that point vanished completely. So I'm doing it again.

Let's see.... first of all, ignore previous comment on the NY Times bestseller list not being out till next Sunday. That was written because I'd lost a day and thought it was sunday -- this was caused by (a) a two week long marathon tour across America (except for the south) without much sleep at a city a day and (b) buying the Sunday papers on the way home. Mock me if you wish -- you try doing a tour like that, and be happy if all you lose is a saturday.

And the list is up at: -- and thanks to Jade Walker for letting me know, over in the Well. Jade does a really good online e-zine for writers called Inscriptions -- if you write, want to write, or you just like writers, you should go and look at it...

Talking about Except for the South, there were some people who came a really long way to get their books signed on this tour. Most of them were from Texas, and many of them drove... I felt guilty and was pleased at the same time. My assistant tells me I'll be a guest at Aggiecon next year, so people won't have so far to drive...

(Which reminds me: we probably need a page of my future appearances, conventions etc somewhere at

Okay. Now to shave and then -- onward to DreamHaven!

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