Friday, June 22, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 91

This just in from Felicia Quon, HarperCollins Canada...

Hello Neil

I know you are on tour (it sounds like it is going very well) , but I wanted to let you know that we have added a signing in Toronto. Here are the details:

Sunday July 22 at 4 pm.
Indigo Books & Music
2300 Yonge Stree
Toronto, ON
Signing only

Contact: 416.544.8516

If this could be posted on

Her wish is our command. And has a review up at which I really liked. It seemed to be writing about the book I`d written, and I was pretty conscious of the things she points to -- Jesus actually did turn up in a scene which I cut, as it just didn`t work, but I figured a book about American Religion was not the book I wanted to write, which was about American Belief, so I let some things go...

In Chicago. Did STARS OUR DESTINATION at Lunch time, (@200 people, @140 American Gods sold). And I have been assured by Jennifer Hershey that we have become the fastest ever selling american title in Oslo. Hurrah for Norway.
posted by Neil Gaiman 3:42 PM

In Chicago. Did a signing in Champaign this evening. Nice store, about 375 nice people, over 175 American Gods sold by the store, and they also had some sushi around for a tired author at the end. In the car on the way home I found myself unexpectedly doing a radio phone in with WGN`s Steve and Johnnie. Then I slept in the car. Now I post this. Then I sleep some more.

Oddest interview was with a local paper today on the phone. "So," said the journalist. "I guess it must be a real rockstar life on the road. Do you travel with a full entourage? Like a chef and a hairdresser?"

Eagle-eyed readers of this journal may already have intuited that I was forced to disappoint him. For a moment I was tempted to start talking about Alyssa and Armando and Arnold (the butler) -- but in the end I told the truth. It`s me, a book escort, and -- for a couple of days, for her first time on the road -- my editor, Jennifer Hershey, getting a first-hand view of a signing tour.

I bet when she goes back to New York she`ll recommend the whole chefs and hairdressers bit to HarperCollins. But until then, I`m my own entourage.

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