Friday, June 15, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 86

So, just as everything gets REALLY exciting, and I have a day to finish organising everything for the next 6 weeks, do several interviews including an NPR one and an online chat at tonight...

...comes the news that this blogger may have to be frozen for a couple of days, as the changeover to the still-nascent happens behind the scenes. Keep checking in here, as I'll post as soon as it goes live again (and this page will automatically take you over to its new location).

Also just discovered that the old Avon neverwhere pages are completely lost, which is a pity, as they were lot of fun.

And have put up that journal entry that got out of hand -- you'll find me talking about it in the archives, fairly early on. It was me trying to explain the book, and it just sort of grew. it's at

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