Sunday, June 03, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 69

Spoke to my friend Kelli Bickman about her book, What I thought I Saw. Kelli is an artist and a photographer. Currently she's the MTV featured artist for Spring/Summer 2001 -- you can read about her and see her art here and her paintings here (click on the little lightbulbs to move around) -- and some of her editorial/illustration work for magazines at here.

What I thought I Saw is a book of photos she took in London in 1996, on location of Neverwhere, the TV series, and of people behind the scenes, and in New York. Mostly people buy it because I wrote the introduction and it's got Neverwhere in it, then write to Kelli asking when her next book of art/photos is coming out, completely forgetting about me, as she's good.

She's moving out of New York soon. What I thought I Saw is almost sold out. Kelli has several boxes filled with copies though, and is very keen to get rid of them (as all her life's possessions have to be loaded onto a truck soon and driven thousands of miles) and wanted to know if I had any brilliant ideas. I'll try and come up with something. In the meantime I thought I'd put something up here with some links telling people to order copies.

I should probably warn you that there's some nudity in there. (But, as DreamHaven gleefully pointed out when they solicited it, not of me.)

Kelli's mum, the redoubtable Connie Bickman, has a new book out. Connie's a photojournalist, and the book is called Tribe of Women. Gorgeous photos of women around the world, wonderful text.

And while I'm plugging stuff, let me point out that you should buy Eddie Campbell's ALEC: HOW TO BE AN ARTIST. You need this book very badly. Go and look at Eddie's website...

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