Monday, May 07, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 45

The nice people at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego e-mailed me to tell me that their phone number is in fact
800-811-4747 and not whatever I posted here earlier.

Really what this web site needs is a page of tour dates. (I think the good people at Authors on the web are probably toiling day in and night to get up and running before publication date. But I'll see if I can get it to happen.)

5,500 Limited signature pages have been signed (and many of them have been doodled on). This is an extra 10% to allow for spoilage, slippage, crashage, rippage and someone at the bindery spilling coffee on them. I don't know if they'll obsessively destroy the extra 500 if no coffee is spilled, or if they'll creep into the system. Possibly the latter -- but seeing that no-one's actually paying anything extra for the signed copies, which will (as I said yesterday) go out with the unsigned ones, I'm not going to give it another thought.

I asked my publishers today if they had any spare copies of American Gods in proof as I had a few people I wanted to get copies to, and they laughed at me. Hollowly. So at least in proof stage, it's proving popular.

A couple of people who read this site asked at the Nebulas what the easiest way to get questions to me would be (if there were things I'd posted they wanted clarifed or whatever). Either e-mail to the nice people who run the inkwell.vue area of the Well, or if you have Compuserve access come and find me in the Literary Forum -- they've given me a whole little topic to myself there.

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