Tuesday, March 27, 2001

American Gods Blog, Post 28

So we're edging from the editing (and copy editing) process into the promotional process here. This is the third stage of getting a book published. (The first stage is writing it. The second is editing the manuscript. The third is promoting the book to the trade. The fourth is promoting the book to the public. The fifth is having a good sit down when it's all over and contemplating a nice restful career as a lion tamer or a steeplejack.) (Which reminds me, I've still not yet written about the day of being photographed for the author photos. One day soon.)

And I know this (that we're moving into promoting the book to the trade) because this weekend I shall be in Las Vegas, talking to Borders Books people -- store managers and suchlike I guess, -- and telling them... actually I have no idea what I'm meant to be talking to them about -- whether I'm 'giving a talk' or making a speech, or just getting up there and affably winging it (something I quite enjoy doing from time to time). But I imagine that at the end of whatever it is we're going to be doing, they'll all know that American Gods exists.

They'll all have copies of the American Gods missing-the-last-chapter galleys as well, and I'll probably sign them. All I really hope is that they read them when they get home -- or give them to the people who work in the stores who want to read them -- rather than just stick them out on e-bay, unread.

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