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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For a Good Cause

I got a new camera to replace the one that got battered in Brazil. It is much cleverer than the old one, with a touch screen at the back, as a result of which I can't work out how to do easy things like turn the flash on and off. I tried it out on the dog and some cherries...

So far today I've signed fifty-something tee shirts for the CBLDF. All black, except for a mystery dark blue one, and a few that have greyed with time or cheap dyes. I've returned to the "I cannot part with it" pile the first black tee shirt I ever owned, and my black on black Disaster Area Sundive Tour shirt, but have steeled myself to part with others -- lots of beloved black tee shirts from the dawn of time. It feels a bit odd signing an early Frank Miller Sin City tee shirt, or a Dave Sim Cerebus UK Tour shirt, or an original Hellraiser movie crew tee shirt...

Anyway, I've stopped now because all surfaces that could be covered by tee shirts have been, and now the signing stuff has to dry. I'll sign another fifty tomorrow...


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