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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mostly pictures

I was sure the Stardust Movie website would have gone live by now, but it's still a holding page. In the meantime, I was just sent a link to a Russian (I assume) site with a bunch of stills on it -- some seem scanned from magazines, but there are a few I wonder how they got their hands on...

I've grabbed one of the witch-queen's first meeting with Ditchwater Sal...

And one of our heroes dining airborne with Robert De Niro...

This is going to seem a stupid question but where are you when you write your blog? I don't have a mental picture, and I wish I did. Can you describe it? Lynn.
It depends. Sometimes I'm in bed, or at least on the bed, sometimes I'm in the downstairs office (that's where I am right now) sometimes I'm on the road and then I could be anywhere. Recently I've mostly been posting from the TV room upstairs, where I set up while we were moving the office around.
(Photos taken today by Mystery Aide. This is how I look when someone says "Are you writing?" when I am...)

And this next one was a bit more posed, because we need some current photos. (Look! Now I do not look grumpy!) Not sure how long the beard has to live right now. Probably a couple more weeks...

I've had the sushi pillows for two years now. They've held up well (except for one of the shrimps, which had to be sewn up) and I recently went back and got their yellowtail and edamame). (Their website:

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