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Friday, October 06, 2006

Eight and a Half.

The tour is over, or almost. Tomorrow I get on another damned aeroplane to be Guest of Honour at Icon. I get back to the US on Saturday.

And then I have all sorts of plans, mostly involving trying to a) get caught up on writing and b) exercising and losing the weight that you accumulate around your middle from too much being on the road and not eating at home and not getting to walk as much as you want to.

Fred the Cat... let's just say that he's used up eight and a half of his nine lives. And against the advice of various sensible people he just came home from the vet, who was happy to send him home to us. I may tell the story at some point, or I may not. Right now, I'm just happy to have my idiot cat back again.

FRAGILE THINGS went onto the New York Times List at #14. Hurrah, and thanks to everyone who bought a copy.

Next post will probably contain dozens of links, because I need to close some tabs.

In a case of bizarre and magical good news, Absolute Sandman is shipping early to your Local Comic Store ("It's like a delay, only the book ships earlier" as the headline says.)

And it's a perfect day outside: a blue sky, sunny and warm with a chill in the shadows, golden leaves, mushrooms in the grass and red Haralson apples on the tree that need to be picked. By next week it could be winter...
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