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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Polish Book Trailers...

Neil,Others have probably written in about this, but this business about NO needing books has been floating around the internet, and their library web site says otherwise:"Many caring people have contacted us to offer donations of books for our damaged libraries. While we much appreciate any offers of assistance, the best way to help NOPL at this early stage of our rebuilding process is to donate funds."And, if my source (an anonymous comment made in another blog, so I can't credit its authenticity) is right, "it makes sense that they can't handle a big influx of books right now. Only 5 of 13 locations are open. Their offsite storage warehouse is closed. Some branches are closed indefinitely."

Point taken, although I do wish you'd sent a link -- for at it does say "Many caring people have contacted us to ask how they can help. You can assist by donating funds or books. New books will be used to replace those damaged in our branches; the Friends of NOPL will accept used books for their fund-raising book sales".

But it definitely looks like they need money to restore things much more than they need books.


Artist Kelli Bickman has put up a slide show of the creation of the painting she did for my room at -- it's in the murals area. Meanwhile in her news we learn that she's auctioning the original drawing she did for the painting on eBay, with the money raised going to the CBLDF and the Tibetan Women's Association. Link here.

[Edited to add, you can see Kelli working on the drawing in question at]


I'll be a Guest of Honour at my first UK Convention in a few years in September, alongside Ramsey Campbell and Juliet E. McKenna -- My first FantasyCon was in September 1983. It was the first con I'd been to. I was 22, a freelance journalist, and I interviewed Gene Wolfe and Robert Silverberg, and I even wrote an article about the con itself for a London Magazine (that was never published because when I went to the magazine to turn it in the publisher-editor was loading the last of the office furniture onto a van, never to be seen again). It'll be good to go back . And according to the Fantasycon blog, Clive Barker will be a guest as well, which is going to be fun -- I've not seen Clive for much too long.


The oddest, strangest and coolest thing in my email today was from Poland, where they've made a minute-long commercial that's basically a film trailer for the Polish release of ANANSI BOYS. I love the idea of commercials for books, and this one is marvellous -- Polish actors playing Spider, Fat Charlie, Daisy and the rest, and it looks funny and charming and sweet and scary. If they give me permission I'll put it up here.

The second-coolest thing was three versions of the cover of the US paperback version of ANANSI BOYS, with different typefaces. And I'll see if anyone would mind if I put them (or just the one we picked) up here tomorrow...

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