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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Before you set out for the comic store

This came in and is helpful...

Because people probably want official word...

Before the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins en masse, I thought I'd let you know that my local comic book store has informed me the new release date for 1602 #8 is April 14. That made it a disappointing trip today to the comic book store for me (and possibly others).


I've not heard anything officially from Marvel on this, but I'll assume it's correct (surprised it's two weeks away). Thanks so much.


And you probably didn't know that material from Oprah is too salacious, lubricious, and rude to be rebroadcast by Howard Stern. Apparently, it is.


Hi Neil.
In the May issue of the British mag Bizarre there is an article about Harry Stephen Keeler. In it you are listed as a fan of his as well as the author of The Matrix and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.I know you have a link to the Matrix (wrote a short story??) but the League?

Obviously Bizarre have discovered that all British comics writers are aspects of the same creature, something that the Alan-unit, Grant-unit, Neil-unit, Milligan-unit and other parts of this semiautonomous writing entity have tried to keep hidden for years. Now, alas the secret is out. We shall procede to activate the closing down sequence...

Anyway, I've no connection with the League, other than reading and enjoying it, and my Matrix connection is just one short story, "Goliath", on their website, written before the release of the first film. But I am a fan of Harry Stephen Keeler...
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