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Sunday, November 03, 2002

This morning I got to attend a Punch and Judy show at World Fantasy -- a packed hall, and a terrific show. Afterward, Dave Mckean and I got to sign a copy of Mr Punch for Mr Punch himself. Photos were taken.

World Fantasy Convention 2002 is just wrapping up. The awards ceremony was lovely -- my friends Steve Jones and Jo Fletcher were up against each other and they tied and got an award each, which was a happy and good thing. 20 years ago, at my first convention, Steve and Jo were the con reception desk when I arrived, and have been good friends ever since. Meanwhile, I didn't win another World Fantasy Award for "American Gods" -- the judges gave it to Ursula K LeGuin's "The Other Wind", which is a book I loved (and gave a blurb to, saying how much I loved it) which was a weight off my mind. It's more fun to be a runner-up sometimes: Jonathan Carroll and Charles De Lint and I are now part of a botherhood. Brotherhood, I mean. I didn't have to make up a speech. And then Kelly Link and I decided that our careers are now over - that we are now, collectively, as spat out and wadded up chewing gum crushed beneath the soles of the mighty shoes of , respectively, Ursula K. LeGuin and Nalo Hopkinson. Sometimes it's more fun to lose. Locus Online: News Log, October


And I just realised nothing's posted for the last few days, and blogger doesn't seem inclined to accept my password...
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