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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

So Lucy Anne has posted links to a lot of fascinating stuff over at The Dreaming , including a terrific Heidi MacDonald article on the bookfair, and some ridiculously cheap sale items form the Bud Plant catalogue, including signed and numbered Charles Vess prints from STARDUST at half price, and I'm not going to steal her links. Go and take a look at them over at the Dreaming.

Incidentally, Joe Fulgham has already created a great little Coming Soon banner there for Coraline, with little red rat eyes that blink. Ask him nicely and he'll probably let you put it on your site too, if you want to.

The Dreaming is a terrific website -- in a lot of ways it's what people tend to be looking for when they come here. has some interesting stuff on it, but mostly it's this journal, the FAQ journal (for which I am trying to put at least a couple of entries up a week), and the forums. The Dreaming has more clippings, articles, theses, and just informative things than you'd believe -- Joe's been doing it for years and years, with various people helping him (currently Randi AKA Lucy Anne is doing most of the news-trawling).


I'm home from New York, which is a very good thing, and apart from a few tiny trips to places like the American LIbrarians Association meeting in Atlanta, and a micro road trip I'm planning with an old friend to catch up on some very new music, I'm staying put. Catching up on my sleep and writing and pottering about in the garden.
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