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Thursday, February 14, 2002

There. I'm at Boston -- flew across the Atlantic (changed planes in Amsterdam Schiphol which oddly doesn't have a hairdressers or barbers in the transit area of the airport, which considering it has a casino and came very close to having a brothel seems like rather an oversite on somebody's part) and got in a few hours ago, with hair like a sheepdog's. (it was like a sheepdog's when I got on the plane too.) Signed 350 copies of Adventures in the Dream Trade. Then realised I was no longer making any sense and went up to my room to sleep but thought I'd post a Valentine's Day hullo to everybody first.

This in on the FAQ line -- Neil- would you be kind enough to post any nonBoskone MA engagements you might have this weekend? Thanks! We're all looking forward to seeing you! and I'm not quite sure that there are any. I'll ask and post any that they tell me about tomorrow. Otherwise you should probably head for fabulous funky Framingham.

Oh, and this...

Neil - you may not have seen this, as I recieved it just in the last hour in my e-mail box, but American Gods was chosen by readers at Powell's Books as one of the top ten books of the year (called the Puddley Awards). You're on a prestigious list with Michael Chabon, Barbara Kinsolver and Jonathan Frazen. Powell's is a great independent bookstore, as well. So Congratulations! -- Laura Gosling And it's all true...

and goodnight.
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