Monday, June 03, 2024

Heritage Auction wrap up

I'm starting to hear that the money that came in from the Heritage Auction is going out to people and doing what I hoped it would do, which is make life easier for artists and writers.

So this is a reminder to those of us who may have bought comic art long ago, often directly from the artists, when it was cheap, that now it's worth hundreds of times what was paid for it, the artists never see any of that. 

Tracking down the artist and sending them a share will be a welcome gesture.

Or donating to The Hero Initiative, who are helping many elderly and infim comics creators, or to the Authors League Fund, or (if you are in another country) seeing if there is a charity that helps artists and/or authors that you could donate to would be a good thing to do. 

(And for those who don't know what this is about, it's about this:

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